Oaklands Vet is proud to be associated with:

Animal Allies, is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 095505), that was started in January 2010. Armed with traps, nets and little experience we embarked on our first feral cat capture.

Our goal was to trap, neuter and release (TNR) as well as vaccinate, feral cats around Gauteng, thus preventing the spread of certain diseases as well as overpopulation.

While we focused on feral cats people approached us on a daily basis to help with sterilisation’s and veterinary care in poorer communities. Thousands of animals live in and amongst the poorest community settlements and have limited or no access to veterinary services. The result is untold suffering. This led us to our first sterilisation campaign in September 2011, where we dewormed, vaccinated and sterilised close to 600 dogs and cats free of charge.

There are so many abused, abandoned and suffering animals that desperately need help. We have realised that the only way to end this is through education and sterilisation. By focusing on these we are hoping to decrease the amount of suffering, unwanted animals and subsequently reduce the euthanasia rate.

Each animal that is saved from brutality, neglect and starvation is a victory for us in our objective of preventing cruelty to animals.

In September 2013, we embarked on another sterilisation and education campaign in Honeydew Squatter Camp, where we are still active on a daily basis. This campaign started off very slowly but through trust and education, gained momentum and we are currently sterilising, vaccinating and deworming up to 20 animals per week. Every animal treated from this area receives a food parcel as well as a collar and leash and a kennel and the children are rewarded with a sweet pack. Included in the pack is an educational leaflet explaining the basic care of their animals. Most people living in the Honeydew Squatter camp are either unemployed or earning insufficient funds to supply veterinary care and food for their animals and are reliant on Animal Allies to do this.

In 2014 we extended this program into the Eskom Squatter Camp and on the 22nd May 2016, after numerous calls for help from the people in Katlehong, we held our first vaccination and sterilisation day, where we vaccinated, dewormed and dipped over 500 animals and managed to sterilise 72 dogs and 12 cats. We are the only organisation in all these informal settlements educating the people and treating and sterilising the animals, alleviating so much suffering.

All treatments and sterilisation are done free of charge in all 3 informal settlements.

To date we have sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed over 12 000 dogs and cats that won’t be contributing to the overpopulation crisis. Every animal guardian has been educated and now knows that help is just a phone call away.



With Dogs to Heal all issues are dealt with in a respectful manner, and we never advise pain or fear as tools to deal with problematic dog behaviour. It is always about respect and understanding! Tersia has completed a number of courses in this field. She prides herself of the fact that she continues to update her knowledge of dog training methods and behaviour.

Tersia has been involved in dog training at different levels since 1998. Dogs to Heal got its name from her belief that the relationship between a dog and its person can be healing to both. This process is guided by a number of fields which include Training, Behaviour Counselling and Tellington TTouch®.

Tersia believes that this relationship between person and dog needs healing at times. As such, the process can be enriching to both the person and the dog. As a qualified, practising social worker Tersia is well equipped to manage situations that might become emotionally loaded due to the potential intensity of the relationship between a dog and owner.


It takes years of blood sweat to master the anatomy of the animal, but only a second to realise that being a veterinarian is not a profession but a calling. It is a lifetime commitment. In Diere-dokters we follow two practices, one in the city of Johannesburg, and one on the outskirts of Pretoria, the farms and plots of Bapsfontein. We see it all, from complex procedures, a magnitude of consultations and experts that stand back for no challenge. We share everything in Diere-dokters and help you as a pet owner to educate yourself on your beloved pets.

Watch Oaklands Vet on Diere-dokters here.


We are a non-profit, no-kill cat welfare organisation. We have been operating since 2000. We do not receive any government funding and rely on the generosity of animal lovers throughout Gauteng for support and donations. We work tirelessly through a network of volunteers and fosterers to improve the lives of hundreds of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens by finding them loving homes.