Rabbit spay post op care sheet

Your rabbit has today undergone an anaesthetic and a surgical procedure. The following information will assist you in caring for your rabbit in the days to come.

He or she will be quiet and possibly sleepy tonight. It is important to keep him or her quiet during this time and to prevent any interference by other pets or children.

Your rabbit needs to stay indoors for a few days.

It is important to keep him or her warm and under observation, ensuring you notice food

and water intake and that they are passing urine and faeces.  Please contact the Practice if abnormalities are observed.

On returning home your rabbit may be hungry and should be offered his or her favorite food.

 It is very important that rabbits eat post operatively. Please call us on the number below if your rabbit does not start to eat within 12 hours of returning home. Water should be supplied as normal. 

If your rabbit has had to have stitches, please make sure that he or she does not lick or chew them. A small amount of cleaning is acceptable. Please do not bathe your rabbit whilst stitches  are present. Most stitches in rabbits are dissolvable and will not need to be removed